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About OpenProject

OpenProject is an open-source project repository, free for everyone to use as long as their project adheres to, and follows the guidelines and definitions outlined by the Open Source Initiative Here.

What is Open Source?

In a nutshell, open source is (in relation to OpenProject) a program, piece of code, library or other software or hardware element of technological categorisation that is released in full-fledge in such a way the back-end driving code can be accessed, read, and modified by the user.

This also requires all projects to have detailed specifications on how this can be achieved, the use of first or third-party closed source elements is not permitted unless they are required for core functionality (such as the Windows libraries for Windows applications).

Why choose OpenProject?


Although there are websites that offer similar functionality to ours, we pride ourselves on having a fast, smooth, robust and secure system.

We allow direct in-browser uploads as opposed to systems such as Git, meaning our system is much easier to use and has a much shallower learning curve when using for the first time.

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